"Get the most out of your union software."

Hello Unions

We at www.webmims.com have completely rewritten our desktop application into a comprehensive, 100% web based application. Best of all, it's fast, easy to use, intuitive, secure and should you allow it, accessible from anywhere on the internet.

How does it work? WEBMIMS 4.1 is designed to be extremely flexible while providing information to the user within a few clicks. And with amazing functions such as scanning and importing contribution reports, what used to take hours, if not days, now can be performed in less then a minute! Simply WOW! Ability to communicate with your members has never been easier. Trying to contact your member, our software lets you email or SMS(text) them directly from our software. Now you can simply email it directly to them, and not only the member, but the employer as well. Contact us and let us set up a demo for you to try.


Call at 519.495.1277 or email at info@webmims.com and we will gladly discuss all your options and benefits.

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