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Features, Features, and then ... More Features

Track every penny on behalf of members, instantly. No batch processing, no waiting for updates and nightly processing. Everything is immediate. Post a payment, instantly updates member profile. Process a contribution report with dues and hours, instatly reflected on member profile.

Need to have multiple screens open, you've got the RAM, open as many as you like, we have no limit! So many features, you'll be saying "ooohh, aaahhh" at every click!

Packed with numerous features, and always listening to our users so we can improve!

Member Module

  • Easily manage dues payments, adjustments, other payments (purchases, course registations, etc..
  • Within a few clicks, create referrals.
  • Quickly and easily register a member on any number of dispatch lists.
  • Easily communicate with the member through automatic emails or send them a text message. No problem for WEBMIMS.
  • View real-time information such as paid up to period, detail payment transactions
  • Instantly view all communications with member.
  • Maintain every possible type of member status.
  • Easily track transfers in and out.
  • Easily manages member skills and certificates with expiry dates.
  • When it comes to reports, your imagination is your limit. Create member reports however you need. Only want to see members with a phone number that starts with 45 last name has De in it(not start with De), no problem. We can do that!
  • Need to print labels, no problem..
  • Create arrears reports in four clicks.
  • Easily find out which members have expired certificates.
  • Print and reprint member tax receipts.
  • The list goes on and on. Let us show you.

Employers Module

  • Easily manage employer information.
  • Create as many employer contacts as you need.
  • Save a tree! When creating referrals, have them automatically emailed to specific contact.
  • Sectors and rates. Wow, do we give you fetures here. You have to see to believe!
  • Easily view all payments made by an employer.
  • View in detail all payments made and each individual member contribution.
  • When it comes to reports, there are too many features to list. Let us show you how you can get the information you need fast!

Contribution Report Processing

  • Ability to process from 1 to 1000s of members, quickly and most importantly, accurately.
  • Have a contrubution report in CSV or Excel format and want to import it? Literally, three clicks, and voila, done!
  • Correct rates always used based on collective agreement rules.
  • To greatly reduce processing time, we offer the ability to import members directly into a report based on past contributions or referrals. Once you see how simple this is, you will simply say, "Awesome!"
  • Ability to add new members on the fly when processing a report.
  • With colour coding, instanly see which members are not paid up to current date. Need to see more member detail, just double click on their name and their information is right infront of you.
  • While in process mode, should you need to export to excel to do some number crunching, no problem, one click and all detail is in your excel form.
  • Only 100% balanced reports can be posted. All posting is real time which means that not only is your employer file up to date but each and every member processed will be instantly updated.
  • Accuracy, attention to detail while providing both of these with incredible ease and speed is the corner stone of WEBMIMS.
  • Many more features, so give us a call.

Administration Module

  • All business rules are dynamic. No limitations in WEBMIMS.
  • Add as many sectors as you like.
  • Enter all collective agreements at any time. WEBMIMS automatically applies correct rates based on date and pay period.
  • Create as many member type codes and if changes are required, have WEBMIMS help you apply changes automatically.
  • Do you have a need to limit access to certain members, employers, or dispatch list. With WEBMIMS, sky is the limit.
  • And a whole lot more. There is truly nothing like WEBMIMS.

Plus, plus, plus...

  • A feature rich Member's Portal with features such as ability to update their personal information, view their payement and referral history, process on-line dues payment, plus others.
  • Employer Portal. You'll have to talk to us about this one and when you do, your comment will be "Really, you can do that? Wow".
  • Demographics module that will let you know everything you always wanted to know but was too difficult to gather. And all information is displayed in an easy to understand graph.
  • And many other features and functions.


Call at 519.495.1277 or email at and we will gladly discuss all your options and benefits.

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